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Strategic planning

Aidertech assists in your business strategy planning as well as in executing change processes. Sharpening your strategic focus enables your organization to increase efficiency and revenue growth. An experienced outside consultant is an effective resource in implementing and driving change processes.


Market research

The deep understanding of the medical technology markets enables Aidertech to perform in-depth market research for business plans and to support decision making.


International partnering, OEM and licensing arrangements

Partnering, including Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and licensing arrangements, can be a viable means to expand your business geographically and/or into application areas not effectively covered by own brand distribution.


Aidertech has ample experience in the various partnering arrangements from creation of OEM strategy to identifying potential partners, contract negotiations as well as partnership building and management.


IP Strategy please visit www.IP-strategy.biz                                         IPAlign ®

Patents and other intellectual property is one of the key resources for technology companies. This resource should be managed and lead like all other strategic functions of a company. IP strategy should be a core component of company’s overall business strategy that aligns IP resources with business goals.


Aidertech can assist you to effectively manage the IP resources and to actively utilize them in achieving the business goals. 


Acquisitions and post merger integration

Our expertise includes identification and evaluation of potential acquisition targets, acquisition planning as well as post-merger integration planning and implementation.


Acquisitions are major investments and require considerable amount of management’s time. Planning the effective take-over and integration is a key part of the acquisition process to minimize negative impact on revenue, customers, personnel and other interest groups as well as to ensure the materialization of planned synergies. Aidertech provides the additional experienced resource to successfully execute these critical phases.


Board Membership

Membership in the Board of Directors is a possibility to utilize our know-how in your business.

Jan Ekström is a member of The Finnish Association of Professional Board Members and has experience as a board member and chairman of several technology companies.

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