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Aidertech receives AA+ rating for the second
consequent year from Finlandís leading rating
company Asiakastieto
. 7.1.2008†

Aidertech has received a certificate from Suomen
Asiakastieto Oy, Finlandís leading corporate information
and credit rating company. The certificate is given only
to the 10 % of Finnish companies that have the top two
AAA or AA+ Alfa Rating.



Terhi Kajaste joins The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.† 31.12.2007†

Terhi Kajaste joins The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries as a full time Sector Manager for Finnish Health Technology Association FiHTA in accordance with the recruitment agreement between FiHTA and Aidertech. Aidertech has performed the search and interviews of candidates as well as acted as the interim employer in the process to recruit a high class Sector Manager for FiHTA.

We wish Terhi success in her new challenges as well as thank her for her time at Aidertech.








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